Do's and Dont's
ProPeopleSearch allows you to perform online background checks to locate people of interest, such as relatives, or for personal safety reasons. Under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), users are prohibited from using ProPeopleSearch for certain activities, including, but not limited to, third-party background checks. Users are prohibited from using the public records' resources available on ProPeopleSearch for committing identity theft, for spying on individuals or contacting individuals against their wishes.
Below you will find additional information about the Do's and Don’ts of ProPeopleSearch and how to use the website in a legal manner:
Locate Family Members
Search and contact family members you have lost touch with or relatives you have never met.
Get Information About Potential Love Interest
Search for people you have met on online dating sites, dating apps, or people you have met offline, and find out more about their past, marital status, identity, and more.
Search Past Love Interests
Search lost love interests from your past and get in touch with the people you find in a quick and easy way.
Research Potential Roommates
Learn more about potential roommates and discover if they have provided truthful information about themselves.
Search Sex Offenders
Search for registered sex offenders and discover if certain individuals are registered sex offenders.
Perform a Background Check on Yourself
Search for your personal public records to make sure they are accurate and discover if there is information that should be deleted under the law.
Find Census Information
Search for US addresses and get accurate census information about the area and its population.
Reveal Potential Frauds
Discover if certain email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information belong to fraudulent individuals or if you could be at risk for identity theft.
Find Information About Neighbors
Learn more about new neighbors and discover information about people in your neighborhood.
Find Current Contact Information
Track down the current contact information of people you want to get in touch with.
Confirm the Identity of Online Customers/Merchants
Discover if online transactions you are planning to do execute with legitimate customers of merchants.
Validate information about People Who Interact with Your Children
Confirm that the adults in your children's lives are safe to be around.
Tenant Screening
Users are restricted from using ProPeopleSearch to screen potential tenants.
Educational Screening
Users are restricted from using ProPeopleSearch to screen students.
Check Financial Eligibility
Users are restricted from using ProPeopleSearch to determine whether an individual is eligible for insurance, loans, and other consumer services.
Information/Identity Theft
Users are restricted from using ProPeopleSearch to steal people's information or identity.
Employment Screening
Users are restricted from using ProPeopleSearch to perform background checks to screen for potential employees.
Domestic Help Research
Users are restricted from using ProPeopleSearch to find information about domestic help workers.
Contact Unwilling Individuals
Users are restricted from using ProPeopleSearch to contact individuals who do not wish to be contacted.

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