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Arrest Records

Arrest records, also known as police records, are records that details an individual's criminal history. When an individual is arrested, his/her information is recorded by the arresting law enforcement agency as well as information about the crime he/she supposedly committed. Then, the arrest record is stored by the arresting law enforcement agency and other judicial institutions.

What Information is Found in Arrest Records?

Criminal records in the United States are a matter of public record, and to gain access to them, one must conduct research in the jurisdiction where the criminal case was handled. Due to certain pre-trial criminal history compilation requirements, criminal records reports may be incomplete.

An arrest record contains the personal information of the person who was arrested, including, but not limited to:

• Name

• Aliases

• Photos (mugshots)

• Fingerprints

• Identifying marks

• Height

• Weight

• Race

• Social security number

• Criminal charges and their classification (whether the crime is a felony, misdemeanor, etc.)

What Are Arrest Records Used For?

Arrest records have various uses, including background checks. For instance, most workplaces in the US conduct an employment background check to find out if candidates have a criminal past. It is illegal to disqualify individuals solely because of the existence of an arrest record/criminal record, unless the crime is directly linked to a certain position. For instance, if someone has been convicted of embezzlement, he/she will not be able to work in a bank.

Arrest records can also be used by home owners, loan officers, individuals performing a background check, and others. If a criminal record has been expunged, it will not appear in a search. Also, certain arrest records, like juvenile arrest records, are sealed and will not be disclosed to the general public.

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