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Background Check

A background check is a process in which an individual or a company verify information about a person with the aim to verify that the details the said individual provided about themselves is accurate. A background check includes information about the identifying details of the person in question (name, phone number, aliases, etc.), education, criminal records, and more.

Background Check

There are several types of background checks, each of which providing different type of information. A tenant background check, for instance, will include the name of the person who is being checked, past evictions, credit score and other details that may influence their chances of becoming a home owner/renter.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in the US regulates the collection of information and collection of background check information. The FCRA has determined that employers who want to perform an employment background check must get the consent of job applicants and notify them of the results of the check, if they ask for them.

Also, according to the FCRA, the information pertaining to civil lawsuits, tax, and judgements can be collected up to seven years back. Information about bankruptcies is available for ten years. In regards to criminal convictions, however, do not have a time limitation. This means that information about criminal records will be available indefinitely, unless expunged or overturned.

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