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DUI Records

DUI records are records that detail the offense or crime of an individual who drove under the influence of alcohol or other types of drugs to an extent that made the said driver incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle.

In most cases, a DUI offense will be classified as a misdemeanor, and in such cases, the individual found guilty of DUI will be mandated to attend DUI classes/will be fined/will be given jail time. In case a DUI was labeled as a felony, which carries a heavier punishment then a misdemeanor DUI.

In every DUI case, the charges will be determined based on state laws and the number of DUI infractions of an individual. DUI records detail the particulars of a DUI case, including the name of the individual who was arrested for a DUI, the charges brought against said individual, the courts proceedings, the sentence, and additional information relating to a DUI offense.

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