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Jail Records

To understand the term 'jail records', it is first important to learn what is jail; jail is a facility that is used for short term incarceration (detention) of persons who have been arrested and accused of committing a crime. Jail records, much like arrest records and prison records, refer to a chapter of time during which an individual has been incarcerated. So, if a person has been arrested for three months, his/her jail records will include information that pertains to that period.

Jail records are public records that are maintained by law enforcement agencies and governing agencies, and access to such records is free (to a certain extent). To get access to jail records, you must file a request with the county/city/law enforcement agency that maintains the records. You can file the request in person, via fax, over the phone, online, or by mail.

Jail records are also available in online repositories that are updated daily by law enforcement agencies. These databases usually include the first name, last name, date of the arrest, and photo of the person who has been arrested. A full jail record will include arrests, misdemeanors, sex crimes, DUIs, and felonies. You can get a full jail records report on ProPeopleSearch, and get data about an individual's jail history.

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