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In this day and age, most people receive phone calls from unknown numbers that are often sales calls, polls, and in many cases – scam calls. Learning exactly who is on the other side of the line can help you avoid fraud or simply avoid wasting your time.

A reverse phone lookup is an online tool that provides information about people and entities in the United States and you can use it to screen calls and avoid problems. Aside from the name of the caller, you can also get access to many more details, and with ProPeopleSearch's phone search, you will no longer be in the dark with mysterious phone calls.

What is Phone Search?

A phone search, also known as a reverse phone lookup, is an online query that provides data about callers through their phone numbers. Landline and cell phone numbers are usually registered in records, and by gaining access to those records, you can find out who is calling you.

To find the information that you need, all you have to do is enter the phone number in question into the ProPeopleSearch phone search directory. When the data is entered into the directory, the search engine begins to search for information in billions of public records.

The result is a report that contains information about the caller that you can use to decide whether a certain phone number may be used to scam you.

What Information Is Available in Phone Search Reports?

A reverse phone lookup report includes valuable information about the person/entity who is calling you, including:

  • Full Name
  • Social media profiles
  • Criminal records
  • Carrier information
  • Business details
  • Associated phone numbers
  • Additional contact information

With the reverse phone lookup report on ProPeopleSearch, you can discover exactly who is calling you and whether you should answer certain phone numbers.

Why Should I Use a Phone Search?

Discovering who or what is on the other side of a phone call is important for several reasons:

Avoiding fraud – in 2019 alone, Americans have lost $10.5 billion in phone frauds and scams. As the years go by, scammers become increasingly sophisticated when it comes to getting money out of people; credit frauds, insurance frauds, and banking frauds are all common scams today that many people fall for.

A reverse phone lookup provides comprehensive information about the people behind phone numbers, so you can discover whether someone is attempting to steal your money.


Reconnecting with people from your past – one of the details that you receive on phone search reports is additional phone numbers that belong to the individual in question. If you wish to get in touch with people from your past or people you have lost touch with, you can use the directory; enter an old phone number into the ProPeopleSearch phone search page. The public records search will provide you with the most recent contact information about the person in question, allowing you to reconnect with individuals from your past.

Screening potential love interest – online dating has become one of the most popular ways to meet potential love interests. With 53% of people admitting to having lied on their online dating profiles, it is imperative to discover the truth about potential partners before meeting them in person. A reverse phone lookup will provide you with information from birth records, marriage records, divorce records, social media profiles, and other sources. So, you can discover if someone is married, what their real age is, whether they have posted a real photo of themselves and more.

National Do Not Call Registry and Phone Search

Those who are on a National Do Not Call List are not immune to fraudulent phone calls. Today, people receive, on average, 13 illegal robocalls a day, many of which leading to money frauds. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is continuously trying to fight the phenomena, but its vast extent makes it difficult.

Scammers use rea code and prefixes that match the phone numbers they are calling, making people think that they are getting a regular phone call. That is why it is important to perform an online phone search and find out who is calling you and why.


It is especially true for Robo-calls that affect owners of do-not-call phone numbers and regular phone numbers. The most common robocall scams that affect millions are:

  • Notifications on credit card problems
  • Free travel award calls
  • 0% interest rates on credit cards and loans
  • IRS problems
  • Tax refunds
  • Preapproved loans

On all these robocalls, you will be asked to provide personal information (your full name, SSN, address, etc.) and credit/bank account information, which is also a red flag. A phone search will help you find out if someone is trying to scam you and block potentially harmful numbers.

You no longer need to worry about mystery phone calls; the reverse phone number lookup service available on ProPeopleSearch will help you discover who is calling you and avoid phone scams that can cost you a lot of money.

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