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5 Best Robocall Blocker Apps

Best Robocall Blocker Apps, Best Robocall Blocker App
By Eddie V.
3 years ago

Must-Have Robocall Blocker Apps

A recent review has shown that Americans received more than 43 billion robocalls in 2019 alone, and that phone scams have led people to lose $10.5 billion. While there are legal robocalls, a great deal of these pesky phone calls is illegitimate, and they can put you at risk of identity theft and financial fraud. Luckily, along with the growing number of robocalls, there is a growing number of robocall blocker apps that can help you avoid annoying and potentially harmful calls. Here are 5 of the best robocall blocker apps for the job:

Truecaller can certainly be called the best robocall blocker app thanks to its various handy features. The basic and free version of Truecaller is very helpful when it comes to blocking robocalls; once an unknown caller calls you, its name/title will appear on your phone's screen. The app has a large database of spam and scam phone numbers, so you can immediately find out if a certain number is fraudulent. With the premium and pay-per version of Truecaller, you can use advanced features, such as getting additional information about callers other than their phone number. The app is truly helpful, and extremely popular among Android users.


Hiya is an international robocall block app and spam detection app that is a must; it was formerly the Whitepages Caller ID, and nowadays has several features that every person needs. The app boasts "expansive algorithms" and a large database of profiles and phone numbers that helps users discover who is calling them. When a robocall or spam caller contacts you, Hiya will automatically block them so you won't have to. The basic and free version of Hiya features incoming spam call detection with daily updates, phone number blocking by area code, and spam reporting. The premium Hiya versions, costing $2.99 a month or $14.99 annually, lets you perform personal and business name lookups and provides you with access to an updated and downloadable caller ID database.


TrapCall's patented technology forces unknown callers to reveal who they are; once you receive a phone call from an anonymous number, you can decline the call with the app's "No Caller ID" feature. Once you do so, TrapCall will call the number back to reveal the identity of the caller. It takes mere minutes, so you can find out who is calling you quickly. TrapCall also features an automatic spam blocker that gets data from the app's blacklist that is updated regularly. With the blocker, robocalls and spam callers will get a "number disconnected" answer when calling you. Like other robocall blocker apps, TrapCall provides a paid-per premium plan that has even more features than the very useful free and basic version of the app.


This cloud-based app utilizes “simultaneous ringing” that reroutes incoming calls to a second phone line. The second line detects illegal robocalls and it does what you would do: hang up the calls. If an important phone number calls you, like work numbers, will be patched through to you. Nomorobo also prevents spoofed phone numbers from calling you and helps you to avoid more than 1.5 million phone scammers.


Call Control

While it is not a robocall blocker app, Call Control Home is a very handy device that protects landlines from spam and robocalls. The automated call blocker, costing $159.99, works with any landline phone to protect you from robocalls and other pesky calls. Call Control Home works after it is paired to a landline phone and it blocks unwanted calls immediately. The device works along with a matching app that is free of charge, and it is great for blocking unwanted callers who may try to scam you or one of your family members.

Call Control Home

Along with the wonderful robocall blocker apps mentioned here, you can also use a reverse phone number lookup to find out who is calling you. offers users an unlimited phone number search service, so you can perform as many queries as you desire for no extra charge. How does it work? Once you enter a phone number into the search directory, ProPeopleSearch will begin to collect public records data about the person/company/organization that has called you. At the end of the quick search, you will receive a report that includes the following: Name of the caller, additional contact information, phone service provider, address, aliases, criminal records, associated phone numbers, and much more. The reverse phone number search is useful with unknown phone numbers and in any case where you want to know more about people in your life.

reverse phone number search

Robocalls are here to stay, and they pose a threat to your identity and financial data. To protect yourself from the risks of such calls, you need a robocall blocker app that will screen unwanted phone calls for you. It is hard to just one app that can be crowned as the best robocall blocker app because there are several A-list apps that you can use. So, simply choose the best robocall blocker app for you and enjoy peace of mind whenever you receive a call.

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