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Is Your Child Safe in Other People's Vehicles?

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By Eddie V.
3 years ago

How to Find DUI Records and Make Sure Your Child is Safe with Other Drivers

DUI accidents have become a frequent event, and it was found that nearly 30% of such accidents involve a driver between the ages of 16-24. This mind-blowing statistic becomes frightening as the years go by and your children get driven around by their friends' parents or siblings. As they grow older, your children and their peers become the people behind the wheel, making it difficult to control who is driving. To make sure that your children are safe, whether they are young or young adults, you can perform an online DUI records search that will help you put your mind at ease and protect your children when necessary.

Online DUI Records Search – Keeping Your Children Safe

To get quick and easy access to DUI records, you can use ProPeopleSearch at any time; the people search directory on the website provides you with access to public records that include records of arrests, convictions, and information of driving while under the influence. To perform the search, you must provide the first name and last name of the person in question, including their driving records. You can also perform a DUI record search based on the individual's phone number or their address, allowing you to get the complete image of their criminal past.

Thanks to the DUI records search, you can find out more about people who are driving your children and whether they should avoid doing so. Aside from checking the past of people who are in the car with your child, you should also speak to them about safety while driving, alone, or with other people.

DUI Records
How to Talk to Your Kids About Driving Under the Influence

To prevent your children from getting into potentially dangerous situations, it is vital to speak to them about cars and driving safety from a young age. The following tips will help you do so and instill a sense of responsibility to your kids from an early stage:

Begin the conversations from an early age

Like every other aspect of child education, you should speak to your children about DUI and driving safety when they are small. Speak to them with age-appropriate terms and emphasize the importance of car safety. Tell them that if they do not trust the person who is about to drive them, they should not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about raising their concerns. Instead, they should call you or another adult, they know that can drive them to where they need to go.

Teach them the "way out"

Nearly 80% of children drink alcohol at least once before the age of 18, making underage drinking a national problem. Researchers suggest parents speak to their children about illegal alcohol consumption at the ages of 9-11 and instill a zero-tolerance policy in regard to underage drinking. However, you need to tell your children that they can contact you whenever necessary and that you will pick them up when they need it. Set a code that your children can text or tell you via the phone without fearing embarrassment in front of their friends. That way, your children will feel comfortable reaching out to you without being afraid of being punished, decreasing their chances of getting into a car with a drunk driver. If you are unable to pick them up yourself, give your children a cab fare that will help them come home safe.

DUI Records Search
Be a role model for your children

Children eventually become a version of their parents, which is why it is imperative to be a good role model for them. You must convey to your children that getting behind the wheel is never okay, even after "just" one drink, and demonstrate responsible driving whenever possible.

Speak to your children about the risks of driving while intoxicated

Teenagers can be very reluctant when it comes to listening to their parents, especially when they feel pressure from their peers to drink. So, you must convey the dangers of drinking and driving with examples of real-life cases of people and teens who have been affected by drunk driving. It can be difficult and shocking for your children to see certain images or hear certain stories, but sometimes, the shock factory is important. The theory is not always enough when warning kids about dangers, and sometimes reality is the online thing that can affect them.

Driving under the influence of alcohol can have devastating effects, which is why it is important to make sure your children from those who may drive them while intoxicated. A DUI search can reveal if the adults or young adults in your child's life have a driving record that you should know about and if it is safe for your kids to get in a car with certain individuals. The check should go hand in hand with safety education from an early age which will turn your children into responsible adults who will make the right decisions, even when you are not around.   

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