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Lockdown Love: Here is How to Find Love During Social Distancing

Social Distancing Dating, Dating Right Now, Online Dating
By Rachel M.
3 years ago

How to Find Love During Social Distancing

Covid-19 has put a halt to our lives, making us stay at home for long periods of time and social distance as much as possible. The lockdown has also taken a toll on people's love lives, making it more difficult than ever to find a date, let alone go on one. So, does that mean that you have to wait for the pandemic to be over before you find that special someone? Of course not! It just means that you have to get creative with dating right now, and here is how to do it:

Get on dating apps and dating sites

Yes, this is the first and obvious step to finding a date during Covid-19; we have more spare time these days and most people spend it on the couch anyway, so why not invest your free time to find love? You can open a dating profile on,, Coffee Meets and any other online dating website that you want. When you do, invest time in building an eye-catching profile that will attract the people that you want.

Social Distancing Dating
And make sure people are how they say they are

Many, many people on dating sites lie about themselves, whether it's about their marital status, their appearance, education, and more. So, before you waste your time and become emotionally invested with the wrong person, make sure that the information that people provide is true. How can you do that? The best and quickest way is to perform an online people search that will provide you with public records information about the people you connect with on dating sites.

With ProPeopleSearch, for instance, you will get access to birth records, marriage records, divorce records, criminal records, education history, sex offender registries, social media profiles, and many more records. So, you will be able to find out people's age, marital status, if they have a criminal sexual history and any other important detail that you should know about when talking to potential love interests online.

Install a good video chat app

Video chats are the best way to go on dates during social distancing, and you can use video chat apps for more than just talking; you can use filters, add sound effects, and have fun while talking to your online dates. Video chat apps, like Google Duo, Zoom, Discord, and others will help you go on virtual dates that will feel close, even with social distancing.

 Dating Right Now
Get creative with online dates

A video dinner date is fun, but you can have a lot more fun with online dating, even if you are not physically close to your date. Try these virtual date ideas that the other person will love, and you are guaranteed to have a good time:

Solve an escape room - escape rooms are a great date idea, and now you can enjoy some fun escape rooms on online dates. Solve mysteries with your date, "travel" to creative rooms, and have fun together on what is guaranteed to be a date to remember.

"Go" out to a movie – you can rent or watch movies online along with your date, and have a stay-at-home movie night with dimmed lights, buttery popcorn, and the comfort of your couch.

Visit museums together – if you and your date share an interest in art, history, and nature, an online museum date is a perfect idea for a date. YouTube offers beautiful online tours to famous museums from around the world, like the Louvre museum in Paris, making for a perfect and romantic in your home.

Play video games together – you can play classic video games or VR games with your online date and have fun winning or losing in grace with your potential love.

Online Dating
Covid-19 may have caused us to stay home most of the time, but that just means that you need to get creative with activities that are usually performed outside of the home. Nowadays, you can find a date online and "go out" with people that you like on fun and creative dates right from your home.

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