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Florida People Search: How to Easily Find Florida Public Records
By Kelly B.
1 year ago

If you ever have cause to find someone in the Sunshine State, Florida, there are a couple of ways that you can go about it. You could go through the official state channels, where you'll be asked to fill out forms and pay a small fee before access to public records can be granted.

Alternatively, you can scour the web for these public records, available on government platforms or third-party websites. Whichever route you take, you'll probably end up with the information that you need. With this information–which can range from contact details to criminal records, you can now close in on the subject of your search, easy as pie.

Florida Court records

From District courts of Appeal to the Supreme Court of the State of Florida, the courts in Florida, and their vast reserves of data, can help you locate anyone. They hold tons of Case Summaries, Disposition orders, and Dockets that border on various persons and make them available online.

Florida People Search

You can scour the online docket portal for any person's case files, using their case number, attorney name, date of filing, or any other related object. This online docket portal, updated every fifteen minutes to account for new entries, is stocked with information about nearly every person in Florida. So you can go through this route while searching for anyone in Florida, and you'll most likely see what you're looking for.

Using Third-Party Sites

Third-party websites provide some of the most reliable sources of information that will prove useful in your search for anyone in Florida or anywhere else. These platforms have run the gamut in search of public records and can boast of an immense amount of data. Many of the public records in their possession have been directly secured from the proprietary government agencies in charge of keeping them.

Florida Public Records

Hence, you can trust them to provide authentic information on any subject. So whenever you look to find someone in Florida, these websites should be your first port of call. They will mostly require that you know the person's name and their last known city or state of residence. If you have this information, as you probably should, then you can launch a search right away.

You'll probably come across a couple of results that match your search, from which you can find your target.

Florida Criminal Records

This option is always feasible in cases where the subject of your search has once had a falling-out with the law or law enforcement officers. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) keeps all criminal records in Florida and can be approached for matters relating to anyone in their books. Its Criminal History Record Check website only serves up these records in electronic format.

Florida Public Records

You'll be asked to provide the full name of the person in question along with their date of birth or their age whenever you use this website for your search. To make your job easier, you could specify the gender and race of the person. This will be followed by the portal instructing you to pay a $25 search fee before your request to access the criminal records is processed. You can now choose to either receive the record as an email attachment or print it instantly.

Florida Marriage Records

If you can confirm that the person of interest has previously tied the knot in Florida, you probably know the right strings to pull. The Clerk of Circuit Court in the county where this event took place is a good place to start in your search for their marriage records. You could even visit the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics for these files or, more conveniently, mail them.

 Florida Vital Records

Anyone may access these records without necessarily submitting a means of identification or permit. However, certain information in their possession can be withheld from public view. To get hold of these records from the bureau, you'll be required to download and fill out the state's marriage record application.

You can now proceed to submit the completed form along with a non-refundable fee of $5 and any recognized means of identification(when you need the personal information of anyone). This personal information can help you accelerate your search for the subject.

Florida Divorce Records

To get the divorce records of the person of interest, you'll have to stop at the Clerk of Circuit Court in the judicial district where the divorce was processed. You could also approach Florida’s Bureau of Vital Statistics in person or by mail and tender your request. There, you'll be asked to download the state’s divorce report application.

Florida Online Records

After completing the application, you'll now be asked to pay $5 in addition to $4 for each extra certification. A few of $2 also applies for each extra year searched, so it would help if you know exactly the year when the divorce was granted.

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