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Free Phone Number Search: How Useful is It for You?

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Free Phone Number Search, Free Phone Number Lookup
By Eddie V.
3 years ago

When to Use and When Not to Use a Free Phone Number Lookup Service

A free phone number lookup is one of the most popular searches in the US, which is no wonder, considering that millions of people receive phone calls from unknown numbers every day. You probably have also tried such a service, and if you are here, it is likely that you did not receive all the information that you were searching for. So, why is that? Why does a free phone number search does not produce all the data that a professional phone number lookup provides? It is time to find the answers.

Free Phone Number Lookup – How Does it Work?

When performing a free phone number search, you receive the following information about the individual/entity that called you:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Name of business
  • Origin of the call

While this information can be helpful in certain cases, you will likely need more information about the person/company that called you. unfortunately, a free phone number search is limited when it comes to the details that it can provide you; the data in phone number search reports derived from public records that are available to the general public.

Free Phone Number Search
While certain such records are completely free to access, others require a payment. So, when using a free public records search service, you are using a site that does not have full access to public records due to a lack of funds. To get an in-depth public records report with a phone number search, you will need to use a professional search site that will provide you with all the data that you need.

A Professional Phone Number Search – the Best Way to Access Public Records

To get full access to public records, you must use a professional phone number search service that will provide you with all the information that you need. When using a professional reverse phone number lookup service, you will receive a report that includes, among other details, the following information:

Personal information of the caller

If you receive phone calls or text from an unknown origin, you can find out who is calling you with a phone number search. To use such a service, all you have to do is enter the phone number that you want to know more about; once you do so, you will get access to the personal information of the caller, including their full name, aliases, and in some cases – their photo.

Criminal records

If the person who is calling you has a criminal history, it will appear on a reverse phone number search; when using such a service, you will receive access to public records, that include arrest records and criminal records. So, you will be able to discover if a certain individual who is calling you has might be trying to scam you in any way.

Free Phone Number Lookup

Social media accounts

A professional reverse phone number lookup will also reveal the caller's social media accounts, so you will be able to find out what that person looks like, and if they are indeed who they say they are.

Sex offender registry

If the person who is calling you has a criminal sexual history, a complete phone number search will reveal so and also what crime the person has committed.

Why Use a Professional Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

A professional phone number search will cost you, but you will receive full access to public records, making the payment well worth it. A paid-per reverse phone number lookup can be very helpful in several cases, including the following:

1. Repetitive phone calls from the same phone number – discover who is calling you and if you should block a phone number that is bothering you with daily phone calls.

2. Dating – before going on a date with someone that you met online or in person, you can perform a reverse phone number lookup that will reveal their true age, give you access to social media accounts, marriage records, criminal records, and much more.

 Phone Number Lookup
3. Calls from officials – millions of people fall victim to phone scams from fraudsters who claim that they are calling on the behalf of official authorities, such as the IRS. Such callers ask their victims to provide account information or credit card info under the threat of legal action. With a reverse phone number search, you will be able to find out if someone is trying to scam you, and block/report the fraudulent phone number.

A free reverse phone number search can be helpful in certain cases, but to discover as much information as you can about mysterious phone numbers, you will need to dig in a little deeper. An in-depth reverse phone number lookup search service, like the one available to you on will provide you with all the information that you need about the phone numbers that are calling you, which will help you make well-informed decisions about mystery callers.

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