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Halloween Laws for Registered Sex Offenders: What You Need to Know

Halloween Sex Offender Laws, Boo Laws, No Candy Law
By Eddie V.
3 years ago

What are Halloween Laws for Registered Sex Offenders?

Halloween is one of the children's favorite days of the year where they get to put on costumes and get as many treats as they can. from the parents' side, Halloween can be a very stressful holiday, as it is a night when a crime is on the rise, and many people may take advantage of their young children. To make sure that children are safer during trick or treating, Halloween sex offender laws have been legislated, and here is what you need to know about them.

What are Halloween Sex Offender Laws?

Halloween laws for registered sex offenders, also known as "No Candy” and Boo Laws” are laws that are intended to restrict the activities of sex offenders on Halloween. There are two types of Halloween sex offender laws, and they are:

  1. Restrictions on registered sex offenders
  2. Restrictions on sex offenders who are on conditional release programs or sex offenders who are out on parole

As of 2020, ten states have passed "No Candy" laws that prohibit sex offenders from handing out candy to children. To make sure that registered sex offenders adhere to the law, states with No Candy laws require offenders to put up signs in their yards that read "No candy at this residence". On Halloween, registered sex offenders are subject to police inspection, so signs are a must.

Halloween Sex Offender Laws

There are states, such as Florida, that also prohibit paroled sex offenders from putting on costumes and handing out candy on Halloween.

"Operation Boo", a California state law, gives officials the power to conduct checks at night to make sure that registered sex offenders are inside their homes with the lights out.

There are certain states that have taken things further, and they restrict additional Halloween activities, such as going to corn mazes and wearing masks as well as leaving their home during peak trick or treat hours.

The Reasoning Behind Halloween Sex Offender Laws

Offenders who violate Halloween laws for registered sex offenders face felony charges and up to three years in prison. Many consider such laws as violations of basic rights, so why did Candy Laws and Boo Laws ever legislate? Well, the main purpose of the No Candy laws is to protect children during the day when they are more vulnerable to child predators.

Boo Laws

Those who oppose Halloween laws for registered sex offenders claim that those who have been punished and served their time should not be subject to even further restrictions and penalties. Objectors to Candy Laws also claim that restricting sex offenders on Halloween reinforces the opinion that sex offenders may relapse and commit additional sex crimes during Halloween.

Who are the Registered Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood?

If there are no Candy Laws in your state, registered sex offenders are not required to put up signs that notify children and parents that they should not trick or treat at their home. To protect your children from potential harm, you can use several helpful Halloween safety tips that every parent should know.

You can also perform a sex offender search in your neighborhood to find out who are the registered sex offenders who reside near you. An address search or criminal records search on will provide you with valuable data about your neighbors, including their full names, aliases, arrest records, criminal records, and sex offenses they have committed.

No Candy Law

Once you know which neighbors are registered sex offenders, you can instruct your children not to go to those particular addresses. Alternatively, you can accompany your children to every home in the neighborhood if you do not want to exclude the homes of sex offenders.

Whatever you decide, make sure your children know how to be safe on Halloween, whether you live in a No Candy state or not.  

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