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How to Find People Online? Tips for Finding People Easily

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How to Find People, How to Find People Online
By Rachel M.
3 years ago

The Best Ways to Find People Online!

Despite the invention of many gadgets that help us keep in touch with one another, it is not always easy to maintain a connection with the people in our lives. If you have such people that you lost touch with, you will be surprised by the number of ways there are to find people and reconnect with them. If you are wondering how to find people from your past that you are no longer in touch with, here are the best ways to track them down and rekindle past relationships.

Google Groups

Using the world's largest search engine to find people can be a bit tricky, as each query results in millions of options that you need to sift through. Instead of searching for people online with a "regular" Google search, you can use Google Groups instead. The platform allows you to find people from your past based on messages they wrote in one of the Google groups, mutual workplaces, your alma mater, and more. You can track messages and create discussion forums or take part in forums where there is a chance that the person that you are looking for will be in, and find them quickly and easily.

Google Groups

If you want to find someone who went to high school with you, even from several decades ago, you should try With this unique website, you will need to first select the state and city where the high school is located. Then, you will need to enter the name of the person that you are searching for on the website. That way, you will be able to find your high school friends or people that you didn't go to high school with but know where they studied.

If you want to find people from your family, you can use genealogy tree websites, like With such websites, you will need to type in the name of the person that you are looking for and within minutes, you will get search results of people with that name, along with their contact information. While a genealogy search can help you find relatives, not all information will be available to you; some data of living people will be restricted, according to the privacy policy on the site.

Google Images/TinEye

If you have photos of the person that you want to track down, these two search engines are a great way to find them by using just a photo. To use Google Images or TinEye, you will need to upload the photo of the person in question to the search engine. Then, you will get matching results that will include additional photos of the person in question and their source. So, you will be able to track down social media profiles and other directories that the person is using and contact them online.

google images tineye

ProPeopleSearch is an advanced public records search directory that provides users with access to billions of public records that include contact information. With ProPeopleSearch, you can find people by using one of the following services:

  • Name-based people search directory
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Address search

So, if you have the name of the person that you are searching for, an old phone number, or an old address, you will find the current contact information of the said person. The website aggregates data from official public records, so you can find the person that you are searching for easily.

How to Increase Your Chances of Finding People Online?

The people search methods detailed above can help you find friends or family members that you are no longer in touch with, and rekindle past relationships. Some of these methods provide a lot of search results that you will need to sift through, which can be time-consuming. How can you narrow down the people search results? Here is how:

1. Try different spellings – when using a name-based search engine, you will get results based on the name spelling. To get the most accurate results, try different spellings and if you have the name of an individual in an old letter or document, use that spelling.

2. Use maiden names – if you are trying to find a woman, you should try using her maiden name and not her marital name. You will increase your chances of finding exactly the person that you are looking for and their current contact information.

3. Upload high-quality photos – when using a photo search engine, you should upload quality photos when searching for the person that you want to find. Use a scanner or a quality camera to snap the photo that you have, and your chances of finding people online will become higher.

If you were wondering how to find people you have lost touch with, one of the methods here will surely help you with your mission. You can find old friends, past flames, and even family members, and all you have to do for your search is to have a working internet connection and a few basic details about the person in question. The rest is easy.  

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