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How to Spot a Catfish: Signs of a Catfish that You Must Know!

Signs of a Catfish, How to Spot a Catfish
By Garry S.
3 years ago

Signs of a Catfish: Avoid Getting Scammed Online

Catfishing has become one of the most common types of online fraud in the 21st century; there are many people out there who portray themselves as people who need money or people who are simply searching for love. In many cases, it is difficult to discover if someone is catfishing you until it is too late. To avoid getting scammed by a catfish, you have to get familiar with the signs of a catfish and learn how to spot a catfish as quickly as possible.

They become too close, too soon

Trust takes time to build and relationships need time to get serious, time that catfishers do not have. People who are trying to scam you or have an affair with you will tell you they have strong feelings for you, not long after you start communicating. Why? Because they are trying to gain your trust, for whatever reason it may be. So, if someone tries to push you to a relationship quicker than they should, it is likely a catfish.

Signs of a Catfish
Their social media is lacking

Having an active social media account does not guarantee that people are who they say they are, but it does help reveal who might be a catfish. One sign of catfishing is having social media accounts with few friends and a few photos. If you come across a person who does not have an active social media life, it could indicate that their accounts are fake.

They do not show their face

To spot a catfish, you have to notice how they behave and use your logic; if someone is trying to build a relationship with you, the minimum is revealing their face in video chats or other ways. If most of your communication is done through calls and texts, and the other person does not want to meet in person or video chat, it is possible that he/she is a catfish. If you want to reveal their true identity, you should perform a people search or a reverse phone lookup that will provide you with truthful information about the person that you want to know more about, including their real name, marital status, additional contact information, social media accounts, and much more.

How to Spot a Catfish
They have elaborate stories and excuses

Catfishers use details to get people to trust them and to get what they want, whether it is money or something else; they will tell you about childhood traumas, money issues they are dealing with, health issues, and whatever else they can to get their way. Also, a catfish will always have an elaborate story as to why they cannot video chat or meet you, so if you come across someone who is telling you fairytales, be critical and do not believe everything you are told.

They sound too good to be true

They compliment you, like the same things as you do, have a great life, and are simply perfect, but are they? While it is understandable to want to meet someone who is perfect, it is not realistic… Not one person in this world is perfect, and if someone seems to be, then something might be wrong. If someone portrays themselves as perfect, take it with a grain of salt and do not believe everything someone is telling you.

Their grammar is off

If someone claims to be from an English-speaking country but their grammar says otherwise, you should be on catfish alert. There are many people from outside the US who try to get Americans and people from other countries to wire them money, and as expected, their grammar is not very good. So, if you talk to someone, ask them where they from and notice their grammar and punctuation to discover if they are possibly lying to you about their identity.

Catfishing has become a very big issue for many people who fell victim to fraudsters who stole their money or hurt them in other ways. To avoid becoming yet another victim to a catfish, you should learn how to spot a catfish, and immediately cut out from your life those who may be trying to scam you.

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