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By Rick J.
2 years ago

In Idaho, much like any other state in the USA, you can explore any of the resources in the public domain to use in finding anyone. From whitepages to public record holders and third-party websites in their large numbers, there's no shortage of channels that you can use in your search.

Many of the resources that we suggest in this article are very easy to use, and a good number of them are free or very nearly so. And while access to the information they possess can sometimes be restricted, this is mostly an exception rather than the rule.

So if you ever have to look for someone with links to Idaho, you can find them in very little time. To this end, we've listed some reliable options that you can explore, and we dare say that they've all been proven to be very helpful.

Idaho Employee Directory

This option is particularly useful if the person is employed under any of the Departments, Agencies, Offices, or Divisions of government in Idaho. A good number of these places manage a database that can contain the phone numbers of everyone in their employ. So you can check out this resource on the internet and find the person in question, as long as they work in any of these places.

Idaho People Search

Some state employees, in certain cases, may request that their contact and email addresses be removed from the database. So this is not entirely a surefire option to explore if you need to urgently find someone in Idaho.

Idaho Arrest Records and Reports

Let's say that the person you're looking for has once been picked up by law enforcement officers in Idaho. The next best thing you can do is look up the iCourt Portal for their record. There, you can find information bordering on all criminal convictions that were recorded in the state.

Idaho Public Records

You'll meet with few restrictions on access to the files you have in mind, and you can use information in these files to find the subject. Others may go directly to the law enforcement agency in the area where the incident happened and request the arrest records/reports of the subject. Using these records, you can narrow your search to a few places.

Using Third-Party Sites

By far the most convenient and easiest option on this list, third-party sites are the obvious choice for people who can do with zero paperwork. These websites host massive amounts of data that border on people all across Idaho or anywhere else. The tons of public records in their possession can help you find anyone in Idaho at no cost.

 Idaho Vital Records

And as they are mostly open to public access, you can examine their online directories and find the subject of your search. You'll most likely be asked to provide the name of the person and their current or last known address. Some may also ask that the requester specify their address.

As soon as you have done all that, you can click on the search icon, and several results will be quickly displayed. Chances are that one of the results will turn out to be exactly what you're looking for, and your search can become much easier from there.

Idaho Property Records

What if the person you're looking for has property in Idaho? Well, your job could become easier as a result.

Your search should takeoff from the Assessor's Office in the county where this property is located. There, you can request the tax records of the property's owner, and your request may be immediately granted.

 Idaho Court Records

These tax records may not necessarily contain the person's personal information in some cases, as this could count as a breach of privacy. However, other information in the document could point you in the direction of your subject.

You can also check out the online portal(if they have one) where the county keeps its property records, and the little information you have about the property can help your cause.

Idaho Court records

There are several reasons why anyone would have their case filed in the courts, and one of them is so they can become part of the public record collection. Anyone that desires to access court-held public records on any subject can approach the clerk of the courthouse where their court cases were filed. There, you'll be asked to present the case numbers, names of the involved parties, or other information that's relevant to the case of interest.

 Idaho Online Records

After receiving the case files, you can scan them for any information that'll be relevant to your search. Alternatively, the iCourt Portal, developed and managed by the Idaho Judiciary Branch, is a useful resource that can be used to look up cases online. Relevant search results will be displayed on this portal if you key in the name of the person or their case number.

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