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Who is Calling Me? This is How to Perform a Phone Number Search!

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Reverse Phone Number Lookup, Phone Number Search
By Toni S.
3 years ago

What is a Reverse Phone Number Lookup and How it Can Help You

Pesky phone calls have become a nuisance that most people have gotten used to, seeing as millions of Americans receive spam calls, robocalls, survey calls, and other calls on a daily basis. While it is simple to merely hang up the phone, there are many who answer calls that turn out to be scam calls or other unwanted calls. If you are also one of many, many people who receive unwanted and mysterious phone calls regularly, here is how you can find out who is calling you with a reverse phone number search and other methods.

Why Use a Phone Number Search Service?

A phone number search, also known as a reverse phone number lookup, can help you in more ways than one, including the following:

1. Dating search – if you intend on going out with someone that you met online, you cannot be certain that the person you are talking to is who they say they are. A caller ID app will reveal the real name of the person who is calling you, and an in-depth phone number search will reveal a lot more; this type of search will give you access to public records, including birth records, marriage records, criminal records, social media accounts, and more. So, with a reverse phone number lookup, you will be able to find out the name of the person you intend to meet, their age, whether they are married, and much more.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

2. Company information – when you receive a phone call and the caller claims to represent a company or another entity, you cannot be certain that it is true. A phone search will let you know if the call that you received is indeed on the behalf of a company/government entity, and if you need to settle things on your end.

3. Spam/scam calls – spam and scam phone calls have become a modern-day disease that robs millions of people of their money, assets, and in many cases – their identity. Many fraudsters claim to call on behalf of the IRS, insurance companies, and other entities while making threats; the callers claim that their intended victims owe money to certain entities, threatening that unless a payment is made via the phone, the victims will be subject to legal action. Many people provide their credit information and even their social security number, not knowing that the call was a scam. A phone search can reveal who is the caller and if it is indeed necessary to pay or settle financial issues with the proper entities.

 Phone Number Search

How to Find Out Who is Calling You

If you want to discover who is calling you, these are the ways you can go about it and avoid falling victim to scam/spam phone calls or other unwanted calls:

Caller ID apps – long gone are the days of the *69, when you could have dialed back to a phone number of a call you missed. Instead, you can now install advanced caller ID apps that will not only reveal the name of the caller but also the following:

  • If the call is a scam/spam phone call
  • The origin of the call
  • The phone number carrier of the caller
  • How many people have reported a phone call as a scam phone call

Caller ID apps, such a Truecaller,, Showcaller, and others can be easily installed, and they provide the source calls as soon as they come in. You can also use caller ID apps to block unwanted phone numbers and report them so that other people will know that those phone numbers are unwanted.

Search engines – Bing, Google, and other search engines are also agreat sources for finding the origin of phone calls. To use this type of phone number search, all you have to do is type the phone number into the search engine's search field. Within seconds, you will receive information about the phone number, what other people wrote about it, and if the source of the call is legitimate or potentially fraudulent.

Reverse phone number directories – for an in-depth phone number search, you can use a reverse phone number lookup service, like The data available from public records are collected by official authorities in the country, so it is highly reliable and credible. To find out the name of a person/company who called you, you will need to enter a phone number into the directory. You will then receive a report that includes the name of the caller, the name of the carrier, other phone numbers related to the number you searched, the address of the caller, and much more.

Phone Number Search

Getting a phone call from an unknown number can mean trouble, but you can avoid becoming the victim of frauds and scams with a simple reverse phone number lookup. So, the next time that you want to find out the true identity of the person who is calling you, use a phone search that will reveal everything that you need to know.

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